Add a New Embed Type

Learn how the custom embed system works and how to add a new embed type to your site.

Deploying Your Sites

Learn how to deploy your Astro and Sanity sites to web hosts.

Creating an Annotation

Learn how to decorate your inline text with an annotation. Build the editing experience in Sanity and the portable text markup in Astro.

Creating Content Filters

Learn how to filter your content with custom searches, then add them to your astro site.

Combining Content Models

Learn how to bring two separate content models together in queries with type safety.

Render Portable Text

Learn the ins and outs of Portable Text and how to render rich text content.

Add a Shadcn UI Component

Learn how to add a new component via the CLI, update the styles, and how to use compound components in Astro.

Setup Sanity Studio

Learn how to setup Sanity Studio so you can start creating your own digital garden

Add a New Content Type

Learn how Space Madness is structured by building your own content type. Create a new Sanity definition, query it with GROQ, and render it in Astro.

Configuring Search

Learn how to configure Search on your site with Pagefind and cmdk