Make content your competitive advantage. Treat content as data—actionable and scalable across your business—with the Sanity Composable Content Cloud.

Tailwind CSS

Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML


Zod is a TypeScript-first schema declaration and validation library. Zod is designed to be as developer-friendly as possible. The goal is to eliminate duplicative type declarations. With Zod, you declare a validator once and Zod will automatically infer the static TypeScript type. It's easy to compose simpler types into complex data structures.

Shadcn UI

Beautifully designed components that you can copy and paste into your apps. Accessible. Customizable. Open Source.

Zod Nullables

Zod Nullables are a useful utility to append to Sanity Schema fields. GROQ will return the field if it has data or null.


GROQ is Sanity's open-source query language. With GROQ you can describe exactly what information your application needs, join information from several sets of documents, and stitch together a very specific response with only the exact fields you need.

Sanity Studio Guide

The official guide to getting started with Sanity Studio.

MDX Embed

MDX Embed allows you to easily embed popular 3rd party media content such as YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram posts, Egghead lessons, Spotify, TikTok and many more straight into your .mdx or .jsx files.

MDX Embed CodePen Component

Display a CodePen by including the component in your .mdx or .jsx. The "codePenId" prop is required.

Shadcn UI Command Component

A combobox search and command component that leverages the cmdk library

Shadcn/ui Theme Generator

Visually create your theme for shadcn/ui


Pagefind is a fully static search library that aims to perform well on large sites, while using as little of your users’ bandwidth as possible, and without hosting any infrastructure.

Astro Portable Text

A custom Portable Text renderer for Astro websites


A command menu React component that can also be used as an accessible combobox. You render items, it filters and sorts them automatically.


Astro is an all-in-one web framework for building fast, content-focused websites.


An open-source React component library for building high-quality, accessible design systems and web apps.

Sanity Vison

Quickly test your GROQ queries using this studio plugin

Astro Islands

An Astro Island an interactive UI component on an otherwise static page of HTML. Multiple islands can exist on a page, and an island always renders in isolation. Think of them as islands in a sea of static, non-interactive HTML.

GROQ Cheat Sheet

A quick sheet with lots of common GROQ search patterns

Astro Deploy Guide

Choose your hosting platform and learn how to deploy your Astro site

Annotations and Marks

Annotations and Marks are decorators around text. Marks are mostly decorative while annotations come with additional data attached to the text. Marks: strong, emphasis, italic tags Annotations: anchor, internal links

Hosting Sanity Studio

Check the options for hosting your Sanity Studio site and learn the gotchas of using a static host for SPAs

Configure Sanity CORS Origins

Learn how to access your Sanity Studio from your custom domains

Astro getStaticPaths function

An Astro function to build pages based on dynamic routes

Pagefind Configuration

You can control how your site is indexed by using various attributes and filters

Shadcn UI CLI

Use a CLI command to add additional components to your site

Tailwind Typography

The official Tailwind CSS Typography plugin provides a set of prose classes you can use to add beautiful typographic defaults to any vanilla HTML you don’t control, like HTML rendered from Markdown, or pulled from a CMS.

Shadcn Typography

A well designed default for the Shadcn UI and Radix